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The Mask

MASK2 - Replica Mini Mask
Cheevers Mini Mask

MASK3 - Full Size Fiberglass Mask
Cheevers Mask

Authentic replica mask. This is same style mask Gerry used to wear. Makes an exquisite display.

There are two different styles to choose from. All personally signed by Gerry.

Masks autographed by Gerry are exclusive to as of Dec 2006 Gerry will no longer sign masks or maks photos at public appearances.

MASK2 - Replica mini Mask

  • Replica of Cheevers Mask
  • With Black base display stand
  • Signed by Cheevers

MASK3 - Authentic Replica Fiberglass Full Size Mask

  • Exact replica of the mask worn by Gerry Cheevers while he was in the NHL.
  • Made of fiberglass to replicate the actual mask he wore.
  • Signed by Cheevers
  • Mask3 does not include display stand!



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