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If you would like to schedule a book signing with Boston Bruins' hall of fame goaltender Gerry Cheevers, please contact us at info@gerrycheevers.com.

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About the Book:

Unmasked is the story of a hall of fame goaltender and his intricate journey in the course of life as a professional hockey player, told in his words, in a most sincere and humbling fashion. In his first ever autobiography, Gerry Cheevers draws from his remarkable experiences as he offers accounts to the joys of playing the game he loved, and the afflictions that fell with it. He gives ode to his teammates and coaches, but culminates his tale when he highlights becoming a two-time Stanley Cup champion as a member of the Boston Bruins during their renowned era of the 1970’s.

Gerry Cheevers has been a continued supporter in the fight against Cystic Fibrosis, and along with many others, his generosity and commitment to finding a cure have unquestionably made a difference for others living with CF, including his granddaughters, Laura and Cate. Therefore, some of the proceeds from the sale of Unmasked will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

About Marc Zappulla:

Marc Zappulla was born and raised in the congenial Boston suburb of Medford, Massachusetts. After receiving his diploma from St. Clements High School in his home town, he went on to attend Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, where he would graduate with the class of 1998 earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology. In 2011 he co-wrote the groundbreaking exercise book for teens, How a Champion is Made by Steve Cardillo. With the release of Unmasked, Zappulla has solidified himself as a first rate author, and a mainstay in the field of journalism.

About Steve Cardillo:

Steve Cardillo is the agent representative of Gerry Cheevers, as well as operator of GerryCheevers.com. He’s also the president of Cardillo Weight Belts, the #1 manufacturer of custom weight belts in the world, and partner and CEO of American Nutrition Center in Everett, Massachusetts, along with his nephew, Peter Morel.

Cardillo became an author when in 2011 he published How a Champion is Made, a teenage weight training and nutrition guide for parents and young student athletes alike.